Photograph Frogs

    Our frog photography workshops are going from strength to strength, especially the “Just Frogs” and “Frogs On Sundays” days that we run. These days give you a great opportunity to photograph some of these beautiful and fascinating creatures in a comfortable indoor environment using natural looking as well as studio type sets and backgrounds. We cater for photographers of all abilities and an experienced member of staff is always on hand to offer guidance, advice and help if you need it. Our lighting, backgrounds and sets will make it possible for everyone to get the most out of their camera and make it easy for you to get some memorable photos during the course of the day.

    Ruby Eyed Tree Frog picture
    Ruby Eyed Tree Frog (Leptopelis uluguruensis)

    Generally your day will begin with a brief safety talk and an explanation of how the lights work as well as the settings that you will need on the day. We set the lights up before you arrive so basically all you have to do is set your camera up to the settings that we give you, take a few test pictures just to fine tune to your individual camera and off you go.

    Set Up picture

    After that we will put out a variety of frogs out for you to photograph using our props and sets.

    On the “Just Frogs” days we invite you to provide any props that you would like to bring (so long as they are safe for the frogs!) so you can let your imagination run riot (as frequently happens!) and has resulted in some interesting pictures. These days are more “hands on” with regard to imagination and images. Of course if you want more natural shots we are happy to set that up for you!

    On the Frogs On Sunday workshops we provide everything and set everything up for you with more natural looking shots using plants, natural props and blurred backgrounds. Of course, if you have a request and we have the props to do it with then we will usually try to accommodate your request so long as it is safe for the frogs.

    So, if you would like to join us on one of our days you will find dates and availability on our Home Page, have a look, choose a day and contact us using our contact and booking form.

    Whites Tree Frog
    Whites Tree Frog