Photographing Harvest Mice

    Harvest Mice, or Micromys minutus, are the smallest British rodent weighing in at around six grams with a body length of around 5 to 7 cm plus another 6 cm or so of prehensile tail used to steady themselves and grip whilst they are climbing. As photographic subjects they are endearing with a huge amount of “cute” factor but can be a challenge to photograph as they tend to move around quite fast climbing and scurrying around.

    In the wild they can be found almost all over England although they avoid higher ground and prefer warmer sunnier areas and generally avoid upland areas. The sad fact is that over 90% of Harvest Mice do not survive the winter leaving the hardy few survivors to re-populate in Spring. They do however thrive in captivity and breed readily, which means that most mice used for photography workshops are captive bred with no impact on the wild population.

    We photograph our mice under studio lights using a specially made set which can accommodate a number of props such as wheat ears, small branches, teasels etc on a number of various backgrounds to ensure a variety of shots as well as seasonal changes and opportunities. As on all our photography workshops there is always an experienced  photographer on hand to offer advice and help you during the day.

    A Macro lens around 100mm Focal Length is ideal for these little creatures although you could also use a zoom lens of around 70 – 300 mm if you don’t have a macro lens.

    For full details about our Harvest Mice Photography Workshops see here:

    Harvest Mouse in a tulip
    Harvest Mouse