The same frogs as our hugely popular weekend “Just Frogs” workshops, just without the other people! Your chance to photograph a variety of our frogs in private without having to share your time or access to the frogs with other people unless you choose to, these days are like having your own private mid-week photo day. Bring your own flowers or props to create your own unique images, enjoy one to one help and tuition if you want it.

The session will start with a quick safety talk and a brief introduction to the lighting system as well as the settings that you will need on the day to get the best results. After this introduction we begin to photograph the animals using our props and set ups.

These sessions are available Tuesday to Friday, and last around 2.5 hours per session. Please contact us to arrange a date and start times.

False Tomato Frog on water
False Tomato Frog on water

We provide all the studio flash lighting equipment, stands, backgrounds and standard hot shoe triggers (users of Sony cameras that use the old Minolta Flash fitting will need to bring an adapter) as well as a number of frogs for you to photograph.

We also provide basic props such as sticks, foliage, stones etc. If you want to photograph the frogs on something specific, for example a particular kind of flower, you will have to bring it with you, and if it is safe to use with the frogs we will try to get the frogs to sit on it!

What you need to bring: You will need a camera which has a standard flash hot shoe fitting, plenty of memory and batteries for your day. We would recommend that a Macro lens of around 100mm is the ideal lens for these days.

What you will need to know:

You must be able to set your camera to manual exposure mode and be able to change the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed settings – this information can be found in your camera’s hand book.

CSC or bridge cameras without an optical viewfinder will benefit from “Exposure Simulation” being disabled if possible – again refer to your camera’s manual.

As a rough guide our starting point for these days is usually around ISO 100, 1/160th Second Shutter, F16 Aperture and with the white balance set to 5500K

Some Sony cameras  have non-standard flash hot shoe fitting that will require you to bring an adapter to use our triggers. (Adapters can be found on Amazon and Ebay quite readily).

Cost for the 2.5 hour session is £80 for one person or £100 for 2 people booking together which can be paid by cash or card. Maximum of 2 people per session

Fringed Leaf Frog

Fringed Leaf Frog