Corona Virus Restrictions

We are currently closed due to the current Covid Regulations.

Having just had clarification from the local Zoo Licencing Authority we are hoping to take bookings for after Monday 17th May for our photography workshops in line with the current Government guidelines. Sadly we are not permitted to run any animal “displays” at the Centre, including photo days, prior to this date or allow any members of the public into any building at the Centre.  

For this reason Liberty’s Centre will remain closed as well until at least Monday 17th May as things currently stand.

 Obviously this is not what we wanted, but we have to follow our licencing requirements.

Our Admin and Bookings office will be up and running from Mon 12 April to deal with your queries and bookings. All booking must be for after Mon 17th May.

Thank you for all your support and understanding over what has been a very difficult period of time.